New Moon Libra-te neu-men enslaved.

Astro Butterfly talks about this month's new moon in Libra (which is tomorrow). I am going to talk about myself, in relation to the points she brings up in her post. Archeon Alkimyst, archetypal alkahest, astrological archivist, A-team LARPG investigation head de-monster-ation Libra, seeking answers outside of themselfChiron, the wounded healer of reconciliation.Aries, the self … Continue reading New Moon Libra-te neu-men enslaved.

Feedback on prophesy: has 2019 f’d u? Evaluate

I'm struggling to keep going. To find the will to share, to show, to demonstrate... for leading (& teaching) by example is how one becomes demonised... not just a word spoken unheard, but a visual-lusion overlayed the lens of your mind mapped temporal lobotomy. Rebranding is lame, and painstaking. I lose momentum and steam when … Continue reading Feedback on prophesy: has 2019 f’d u? Evaluate