If the only room you roam is your home…

Social distancing - I don't know whether to make a joke, stir up dissent, or just exaggerate obtuse oblivion. Regardless of whatever response I choose to enact, social distancing is a shitty thingy that has been thrust upon society by the ruling parties and we must follow. I don't really mind, I like being separated … Continue reading If the only room you roam is your home…

Demiurge of a thaumaturge – the secret of “I am”

I am a shitty person. If I’m not mindful about my words and actions, I tend to just fuck shit up around me… I thought for the longest time that “everyone else is too sensitive” but have come to realise that maybe I’m too brusque. I need to reserve parts of myself for certain spheres. … Continue reading Demiurge of a thaumaturge – the secret of “I am”

Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Disclaim! I, skabaren K (the evolvement of skibbo), have stitched together another skaab. I want to thank Rondut for the beginning of the spark that set this bad bitch on fire. I start with humour, to mask the conjuration of swirling dark forces spinning beneath the event horizon. The greatest love story Australia has ever … Continue reading Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Through the looking glass

Sojourn of Sol descent unto hell, your spirit I am trying to help. By burning up the atmosphere you might open your eyes and notice I’m here. Lift your head, take my hand, I will help you stand. Having raised you from perdition (again), young one, you are in dire need of a practical revision … Continue reading Through the looking glass

My 9 blades come to set the captive free.

I have felt so lost and directionless. I am only one, I am not capable to expanding out in all directions in the form. I must pick a direction, in one realm, and take that first step to venture off. But where do I go? Whose plea do I heed? Remember the promise you made … Continue reading My 9 blades come to set the captive free.

A narrative of a force without form

Welcome to magic counter strike. If you would please sit back, keep your hands and ears behind the yellow line, expect splash-back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAy4YCx466Y Kittie - Paperdoll Got a real treat for you today. Are you ready to fist? I can't hear you. I said ARE YOU READY TO FIST?! Oh... oh god know... no! Fisting. … Continue reading A narrative of a force without form

Break my bread of life with me.

this is my bread and butter. Eurasian in Australia, hallelujah finlo-leia. (Finnish father, Filipino mother.) https://youtu.be/ZgVV9XQyI2Y Protect the key at all costs. Storm, ionise the gates. ECHO, BREAK APART AND SPLINTER THEIR HEARTS. If they want a war, let's give them what they are asking for. But the gates must remain open to give them … Continue reading Break my bread of life with me.

The soul journeys to seek identity

This was written with the intent to explore my astrological birth chart, and follow the various markers left behind in each sign by the 'divine' (the planetary bodies, luminaries, fixed stars, asteroids, etc). As such, this would essentially be the first installment of a series of twelve. I wrote this approximately one year ago and … Continue reading The soul journeys to seek identity

Start of self healing in Leo

(Beginning of some book thing) I’ve always wanted to write a book about myself because I know as selfish and ultimately narcissistic as it may seem, it’s my way of expressing my gratitude to all the people in my life that have shaped me into who I am. I’ve got all these pieces, fragments of … Continue reading Start of self healing in Leo