Participate in a mental exercise with me & the SKT

Pulling cards for no reason other than I am. I can. And I do. Let me show you. I will read out their names and you follow in your brain. The narrative you ascertain may or may not be the same as that one I imagine. That does not make it and more or less … Continue reading Participate in a mental exercise with me & the SKT

These foolish games

I am not your fair weather friend. I am the tempest in&of the temple. I am not two-faced, but I am two-fold. I am the guide to placate hypothesis, exhausted curiosity may bring you to me. If you felt so compelled or could not find anyone else, I was (and am) your disguised connection to … Continue reading These foolish games

A disembodied voice speaks

I think ideas as thoughts into existence, they roil around my mind as colours and urges and energetic expressions. I don't know what I am doing, where I am going, what I am saying nor why I say I don't know any of these things. Perhaps it is more accurate to attest that there is … Continue reading A disembodied voice speaks