DNA activation or manipulation? Mission of signal transmission.

2005 was a huge year for me in a few different ways. They're rather trivial reasons, I suppose, but they're important to me. I like science fiction, fantasy, satire, dark comedy and psychological horror. I love speculative fiction. I'm only going to address just one highlight of 2005 in this post. Threshold (tv series) The … Continue reading DNA activation or manipulation? Mission of signal transmission.

Revelation Annotations 02 (alchemical lexical tangent)

Se11e7en, divine convenience. I will warn you now, the following blog post went for a ride and it's quite disheveled inside, now. Part biblical, part exegetical, part symphonic heretical. Dude, get my car.bah... carry me away. I'm too stupid grinning to be a responsible ophanim, driving. I can see what you see. I place it … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 02 (alchemical lexical tangent)

Whose did you think I am

This is a consideration of not only the linguistic postulation of that which considers I am as I am, but as the trigger for a didactic exploration of the essentially edentulous, existential quandary… Who do you think I am? Who do I think I am? Am I because I think that I am? Or am … Continue reading Whose did you think I am