6619 – Pithom

A collection of words I recorded during my time at Pithom. The city of justice. Because im coming rushing in and holy shiznit are you going to hear it. Hark the herald angels sing, for מְבַשְּׂר֗וֹת is back, back again. Shady's back, back, back, tell your friends. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess what? … Continue reading 6619 – Pithom

From the blind one leading the deaf and the numb.

I have been at a loss lacking for words these past decadays. And the one thing I did post (that wasn't scheduled) was an outright mess. Much like myself. It didn't make sense and I guess that was a perfect representation of me - I don't make sense. It really depends on how much of … Continue reading From the blind one leading the deaf and the numb.

Brian come back with the krakrn

Because im a scared little chicken (rooster, #cok, my minute pillar, i sang a tune as the sun was rising and shit... peter felt guilty about his... reputation..? Or was it his conscience...? I dont remember) (Can i just cock up this song and save us both the embarassment of my long winded introductions?) While … Continue reading Brian come back with the krakrn

Don’t forget her, promise.

The captive in the desert, tied in my mind. They never stop, they will never stop. Free her from your mind. Speaker, bespoke her. See? Pierce the vale, peers the veil. Pieces of peace, the poetry of meat can be found in the roiling of flesh. Soi the disant verus dicere veal. The swords are … Continue reading Don’t forget her, promise.

I’d come for you, but ask me first is all you have to do

Crazy, I'm crazy for scrying, crazy for trying, and you're crazy if this makes sense to you. 12:48 pm, 36% battery.Multiples of 12. 1 4 3Time lapsed through song at 1:43143 = I love you. (Back when I was a teenager, that was what 143 meant anyway)4:22 song duration. 4 is the emperor, tarot major … Continue reading I’d come for you, but ask me first is all you have to do

Malakim breaks the mala of kim.

I bought my first mala online about a month ago. I chose one of sodalite beads to foster clarity and thought, communication and creativity. I wanted to be a clearer, more consistent whatever thingy I'm trying to achieve here. It broke. It is said a broken mala is an auspicious omen, the intentions you set … Continue reading Malakim breaks the mala of kim.