2x Tarot tableau: the fool’s journeys

Benebell Wen uploaded a new YouTube video as part of her sightsee the tarot series on 4th May. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed my closest deck (a mini version of her spirit keepers deck) and just went for it. I wrote down my results but didn't really go through the journaling prompts. … Continue reading 2x Tarot tableau: the fool’s journeys

K’s Liminal Academy: 101

The birth of a metalanguage. Herald the fall of Adam, for he learned the language of the lords. The silent cries upon paper, not skin. The words flow through the bony fingers, not the hollow fleshy flaps of the voice. Voiceless velar breaths now stop. Hold on (don't forget to cease to breathe), this is … Continue reading K’s Liminal Academy: 101

Chronomancy for persephone

Another fun little thingy from the past. Chronomancy in this day and age sure is a shit ton easier than before. The practice of soul retrieval is an easy enough exercise, but it takes great patience and many tests of skill to master it. Memories are crucial for this to work, combined with sensory triggers … Continue reading Chronomancy for persephone

Welcome to the (k)new age

I've made my astrological chart into a mini book, folded from 1 piece of paper. Open it up and it becomes 4 worlds, or rather the 4 corners become the 4 quadrants. The cube-like photo (bottom center) in the above collage is just 4 "books" held together with 4 paper clips. Don't like the story … Continue reading Welcome to the (k)new age

The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

You can have a squizz at my 2018 playlist here. I like to hit shuffle and see what the day brings me. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/67fWDsUUSfm7NoteVJRx47?si=vA_iWFITQF-Tde0qD8c89w That's how "my guides" "speak" to me. Through music and words that are literally heard (or seen, like reading words on a screen). Songs from my 2018 playlist. Screen caps from last … Continue reading The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

Curtains fall before us all

Return of some words I soul-screamed into being. Society. We are like this because I am like this. I am the wrong in the world. So I say my goodbyes and leave the mess for the rest of you to clean up. As the denouement in the theatre of my life, I would like to … Continue reading Curtains fall before us all

From the blind one leading the deaf and the numb.

I have been at a loss lacking for words these past decadays. And the one thing I did post (that wasn't scheduled) was an outright mess. Much like myself. It didn't make sense and I guess that was a perfect representation of me - I don't make sense. It really depends on how much of … Continue reading From the blind one leading the deaf and the numb.

Whose did you think I am

This is a consideration of not only the linguistic postulation of that which considers I am as I am, but as the trigger for a didactic exploration of the essentially edentulous, existential quandary… Who do you think I am? Who do I think I am? Am I because I think that I am? Or am … Continue reading Whose did you think I am

Retroactively I see the eye of providence

A personal knowsis from the 16th of July. Reposted here unchanged (save perhaps the laste so. Yeah... BTW, I'm up to week 10 of the SKT. This rally car jeepney driver is behind the karmic wheels of life. Since I'm driving for funsies and I like this vehicle upgrade, let's do doughnuts in the parking … Continue reading Retroactively I see the eye of providence

How to be more like me, secretly.

I am a speedster, I am too fast for many around me. Not in body, but in spirit. So many of your lessons I have already completed. Shining stars and with masters honours. Ascension is easy, its the sustenance that is the problem. Just continue to read the reading I gave to myself. I upload … Continue reading How to be more like me, secretly.