Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Frantic and frightened, I’m drowning inside of myself. Again I berate myself with “what have you done?!” I do things that are both necessary and benign and yet punish myself for doing those things as if they were wrong. I oscillate between oversharing and underpinning. I love and loathe this plane of existence. It is … Continue reading Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Chronomancy for persephone

Another fun little thingy from the past. Chronomancy in this day and age sure is a shit ton easier than before. The practice of soul retrieval is an easy enough exercise, but it takes great patience and many tests of skill to master it. Memories are crucial for this to work, combined with sensory triggers … Continue reading Chronomancy for persephone

Start of self healing in Leo

(Beginning of some book thing) I’ve always wanted to write a book about myself because I know as selfish and ultimately narcissistic as it may seem, it’s my way of expressing my gratitude to all the people in my life that have shaped me into who I am. I’ve got all these pieces, fragments of … Continue reading Start of self healing in Leo

Proof I am a 100% qualified time lord

1802 words. Read it if you're literate and/or so inclined. I wrote it anyway TODAY, JUST NOW (except for the bit where I said I copied and pasted it from an email exchange yesterday) | 5th December, 2018. Dawn. I like to write at dawn. THIS IS MY APOCALYPSE, NOW. Yesterday was my sundown. It's … Continue reading Proof I am a 100% qualified time lord