Revelation Annotations 04

Oh my, what big books you have. Chapter 5 – The book of life and the lionheart lamb. The scroll is the book of life, a living record of memory. The seals are locks that each require a key. All 7 keys are required to access the document. Oh, to have a premium library card … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 04

Inanna isis under

24th was the new moon in Pisces. Let's make some magic... I guess. Are you ready? Because... I'm not really ready. But it doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not. I'm in the hands of the heavens, on the face of the earth, and I'm going under. Evanescence - going under And so gods … Continue reading Inanna isis under

Chiron and healing the soul wound: a preliminary examination.

I've been really at war with myself lately, engaged in this inner conflict about continuing this blog and what I want to achieve. I have many half-started entries and ideas only I never actually complete anything because I eventually crumple under all my self doubt. I do nothing without a justifiable reason, I am lazy … Continue reading Chiron and healing the soul wound: a preliminary examination.

One eye blind

Cataract clouds the one seeing eye. Odysseus, the cyclops is blind, there's no need to hide. Come out, come out wherever you are. Kalliope is and was the black chandelier that crashed to the ground, in your sleep. You can still hear her singing of the nighttime knightand the knife fight fought in shadows and … Continue reading One eye blind

Full moon in Aries tarot reading

This full moon occurs at 20° Aries and oh my goodness, there are a whole heap of astrological pings in my astrological chart. I turn 33 years old next month (15 November). Today is 14th October, and according to the Chinese lunar calendar, my birthday is the 14th day of the 10th month. How about … Continue reading Full moon in Aries tarot reading

Stars lie, you cannot trust the sky lights

appearances playback in reverse sequence. the words I wrote first are behind you, at the end. this sky reflection in my introduction was written last and is featured first. the title of the next heading is the newest addition to the lines that it heads. See time is a fucker, and we end up confusing … Continue reading Stars lie, you cannot trust the sky lights

Who do you think you are, Old Spice? Spice Girls - Who do you think you are? The race is on to get out of the bottom / The top is high so your roots are forgotten / Giving is good as long as you're getting / What's driving you it's ambition and betting / I said who do you think you … Continue reading Who do you think you are, Old Spice?

where* does my power lie**?

*Where may be replaced with other words to redirect the line of questioning. Where does my power lie?When does my power lie?Why does my power lie? The understanding of the word **lie is dependent upon the line of inquiry - the context, or setting, which was established in the beginning of the seeking. Lie (noun … Continue reading where* does my power lie**?

USB erg – uplink Archangelanth K

I am an enfp, the provocateur, the challenger of enneagram, a divergent learner, A tarot reader, an English teacher, a spinning flashing wailing siren (attention seeker). I am a way to the truth of your light. I’m the archangel of sunder, my flaming sword of summer. As subtle and as effective as a hot kiss … Continue reading USB erg – uplink Archangelanth K