Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

I looked to the sky and wondered the name of the star that was right before my eyes. When I learned it was Spica, I knew my current namesake was near. And holy shit, well whaddya know? I'm too dim to observe, obscured by the lunar glow. All aboard my thought-train Round and round my … Continue reading Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

Caution advised

Can you keep a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. Zip my lips, lock it with a key. Forever safe if I throw away the key. This thinking gives false security, it implies locks and gates will last indefinitely. Indefinitely is … Continue reading Caution advised

The old “I got your nose!” trick

It makes perfect sense. Doesn't it? You have to let something go to take on something new. Cutting cords from that which does not serve you. Sniffing for snuff And it won't be the only thing I'll be taking... You better believe it. I do have your nose. I have all the noses that those … Continue reading The old “I got your nose!” trick

Pathetic humans, insta ly

And here I am, weaving my way through time. I wrote this on the equinox, today is the new moon. And i am releasing this patithi c forth to be released on ahead of my time. why? Because I am spineless and have no conviction in what i write. Only when I write. But when … Continue reading Pathetic humans, insta ly

My real deepest darkest wish: achieve godhood.

I wish I was a god. That way I could do whatever I wanted. Like god in Dogma. The Alanis Morrissette version of god. Oh boy, I have so many thoughts on god, and have written a ton of posts and pages on the matter. The memory of this post comes to the forefront of … Continue reading My real deepest darkest wish: achieve godhood.

Blood pigs, boson higgs

You can save it with our con science. Can you recognise where to enter the reflex-andro-pastiche? The cypher is the key, mise Camenae told me. Western astrologyScorpio sun sign and stellium, descendant.Mercury the guiding planet. Venus the leading planet, both retrograde.Both were in the early morning stages of their retrograde cycles.Thus their archetypal figures, in … Continue reading Blood pigs, boson higgs