Apocalyptic catalyst

Posters I made on canva as 2018 came to a close. Thus the whole "1st January 2019" launch date thing. Modern mystic mother and her Cult of Kim. The essence of a spirited soul, and her ego-centric personality. I just show these here for posterity, to acknowledge (for good or bad) what was mine and … Continue reading Apocalyptic catalyst

Welcome to the (k)new age

I've made my astrological chart into a mini book, folded from 1 piece of paper. Open it up and it becomes 4 worlds, or rather the 4 corners become the 4 quadrants. The cube-like photo (bottom center) in the above collage is just 4 "books" held together with 4 paper clips. Don't like the story … Continue reading Welcome to the (k)new age

I found myself and why it was so hard

I am everything. I am in everything. Everything is of me. And if I am so far spread across all of existence within the context of space and time… then I’m really not any thing. I have no substance. I am nothing. I am hollow. An ever expanding universe that cannot stop until I succumb … Continue reading I found myself and why it was so hard

(k)imagine my 23 enigma

A whole new world, thats where I'll be. A thrilling change, a psychotic break, from you to me. I hear songs in my head, but not really. And i wonder why it matters at all that I continue here, pretending I have a purpose that serves anyone or thing besides that which serves myself. https://youtu.be/XD1cxSE25ckContinue reading (k)imagine my 23 enigma

I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures

https://open.spotify.com/track/2k2zC3hli8MJqNtlpGwVvy?si=O0pp_ygZRCi4oJhlC0Zatg I have less than 7 years to complete this task and to do it well. I can only move tomorrow, had to take handicap to make it fair to play. I gave part of myself to yesterday. There's no looking back now. I cannot waste time reflecting upon an empty membrane, I only have … Continue reading I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures

MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

I think I am being funny and clever in my headings, but I know it doesn't serve my agenda (to get people to conform to the red bloods, the bell hops, whatever basic and beautiful and benevolent being you are) I know how to do a thing, but I SUCK at maintaining momentum, being consistent. … Continue reading MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

Excavated from my memoria mines.

Gemini, I have many shiny gemines in written word, squirelled away from prying eyes. I am a Red Lunar Dragon, a progenitor of earth. Ask me and if I can, I will give what I can. The most immediate image is brought to the surface. My family are the 4, u-r2 ditto I is 0 … Continue reading Excavated from my memoria mines.

Some debts I’ve yet to pay

Suleiman - a digital reading of one of my poems.I think there were a few that it came down to. X marks the spot, antigenesis, and another I don't remember.Me singing a version of Frank's Charlie Reading Cynthia for Echo.Onomastic thingy for Mantis. Mantis was so kind to take me up on my offer of … Continue reading Some debts I’ve yet to pay


forgotten, am I? You promised you'd start again at the count, to turn around, come pick me up. bypass over my head. a laugh, giggle, and stolen caress. did you ever once look down from the peak of your crown? why do I look up? I must stop check for your return, you never promised me anything. I put … Continue reading reviolatise

Break my bread of life with me.

this is my bread and butter. Eurasian in Australia, hallelujah finlo-leia. (Finnish father, Filipino mother.) https://youtu.be/ZgVV9XQyI2Y Protect the key at all costs. Storm, ionise the gates. ECHO, BREAK APART AND SPLINTER THEIR HEARTS. If they want a war, let's give them what they are asking for. But the gates must remain open to give them … Continue reading Break my bread of life with me.