Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Frantic and frightened, I’m drowning inside of myself. Again I berate myself with “what have you done?!” I do things that are both necessary and benign and yet punish myself for doing those things as if they were wrong. I oscillate between oversharing and underpinning. I love and loathe this plane of existence. It is … Continue reading Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Release tension with intention

Hahaha okay, will do.Me, talking to myself just now (29.03.20, 1:11pm) In accordance with my higher self, I will take a figurative step away from this pithy platform. I wrestle with my self - my heart, my mind, my driven desire... rolling around outside of time, but still within the plane of space and time. … Continue reading Release tension with intention

Tarot reading – New moon in Aries

Spread: new moon in aries, by biddy tarot.Deck used: the antique anatomy deck, by claire goodchild.Cards drawn: 24 March 2020 evening (hours before new moon)Interpretation written: 25 March 2020 morning (hours after new moon) - I just woke up. I've been using the antique anatomy deck lately.  We are in the midst of the corona … Continue reading Tarot reading – New moon in Aries

My mind is a stereo, if you would believe

And I'm running out of rope, don't know how I can cope being so unsure of what I've done... What have I done? No, I am. As king, if music be the food of love, I command you accept or accede to go your own way. This is my road, I helm the movement of … Continue reading My mind is a stereo, if you would believe

Songstryx Through Glass

It is the 28th of September 2019. Happiest of musical memories to you one and all. Oh boy, there are so many songs I want to sing, if only I could sing. Or felt like ... any invitation wasn't just some placated response to my fishing. Music speaks to me, and with my head like … Continue reading Songstryx Through Glass

Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

This post contains my response to Benebell Wen's latest installment of her video series Sightsee the Tarot: tarot keys for your birthday. Completed 18 May 2019, using the Spirit Keeper's Tarot. I haven't completed the journaling prompts (at the end) as of yet, but have put the questions here so you could do the interpretation … Continue reading Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

How to be more like me, secretly.

I am a speedster, I am too fast for many around me. Not in body, but in spirit. So many of your lessons I have already completed. Shining stars and with masters honours. Ascension is easy, its the sustenance that is the problem. Just continue to read the reading I gave to myself. I upload … Continue reading How to be more like me, secretly.

James is Great: The power of our names.

James succeeded Jesus as leader of the movement. April 30 is the feast day of St James the Great. My father, Peter, stands at the gates of heaven. My uncle, Paul, recorded the acts of the disciples. My husband, James, led the way after I died for he was the only one to truly understand … Continue reading James is Great: The power of our names.

My Natal Chart

Something that I love about astrology is that it is a complete system of symbolism used to portray stuff. So here is my own natal chart with some basic interpretations. I'm keen to see what perhaps you may glean from my chart? This is a fun exercise on wibbly wobbles! So what you see there? … Continue reading My Natal Chart

If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot

According to Benebell Wen's Book of Maps (the accompanying guide to her Spirit Keepers Tarot deck), the fool card is keyed to represent the significator. There are 3 types of mystic fools to represent the type of query and/or the stage one is on their spiritual journey. THE TRAJECTORY OF MY SPIRIT You know how … Continue reading If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot