Prepping since 2018

MMMother and #COK calling the shots, archives since late 2018. I have decided (although I'm still to write it) to republish the goods. Shit that I made back in 2018. You're all just catching up to my gamma waves. Stand back (but not too far) as I bring back my #COK. Raise your heads, your … Continue reading Prepping since 2018

Human Design 4/1 Profile

In human design, I am the 4/1 opportunist investigator type. This is my third entry about human design. Check out what I've written about my human design here and here. Discover your profile and type at Jovian Archive. In your human design chart, your type is determined by the top row of boxes. The right … Continue reading Human Design 4/1 Profile

Zero to Nemo (part two)

Defining the purpose of my blog, and general online presence. Do you even want to be here? Of course, I do. Then what’s the problem?               I am. I am sick of the same holes I chase my tails around and again, carving circles into the floor with my incessant pacing and muttering and argh … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part two)

Zero to Nemo (part one)

Thank you. Your words and your friendship has given me the wherewithal to go ahead and publish this particular wordy ramble I have had stored away in my digital documents. This will be the first of 4 parts, the rest I will schedule for each to be published after 24 hours has passed. Giant stepping … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part one)

Empathy versus psychopathy

This here is the 6th post I had ever written on WordPress. I was reading a post Benebell Wen wrote about the paradoxical quandary of the empath and their empathy, the post I am referring to in question was late in 2017 maybe. …all the way back in 16th August 2018 My partner and I had a discussion not too long … Continue reading Empathy versus psychopathy

Why did I want to start a blog? I answered this and still don’t know.

If you have seen this face or my words somewhere else before, you may remember me prancing about WordPress blogging as Modern Mystic Mother. I have since dropped that moniker, only by any sort of "official" personality. There is an online store called Modern Mystic and I have no connection with that. Also, there had … Continue reading Why did I want to start a blog? I answered this and still don’t know.