K’s Liminal Academy: 101

The birth of a metalanguage. Herald the fall of Adam, for he learned the language of the lords. The silent cries upon paper, not skin. The words flow through the bony fingers, not the hollow fleshy flaps of the voice. Voiceless velar breaths now stop. Hold on (don't forget to cease to breathe), this is … Continue reading K’s Liminal Academy: 101

A ponty tool by the reflection pool

It might be better for you all if you don't understand me. My problem? I only ever wanted to be understood... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehq2a8lum_4 2008? The year I started university. The year my daughter was born. I went into labour noon 4th July (Australian Eastern Standard Time). She was born 5th July, at 3:53am. She is wonderful. … Continue reading A ponty tool by the reflection pool

Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

I can't type fast enough. their thoughts and conversations supersede the speed of my own thought and fingers to transcribe the wisdom that they so casually drop when they speak. Forgive me, humanity. I must take these down in dot points for to transcribe (and impart contextual knowledge) in real time, I lose most of … Continue reading Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

The soul journeys to seek identity

This was written with the intent to explore my astrological birth chart, and follow the various markers left behind in each sign by the 'divine' (the planetary bodies, luminaries, fixed stars, asteroids, etc). As such, this would essentially be the first installment of a series of twelve. I wrote this approximately one year ago and … Continue reading The soul journeys to seek identity

If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot

According to Benebell Wen's Book of Maps (the accompanying guide to her Spirit Keepers Tarot deck), the fool card is keyed to represent the significator. There are 3 types of mystic fools to represent the type of query and/or the stage one is on their spiritual journey. THE TRAJECTORY OF MY SPIRIT You know how … Continue reading If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot

Self Care Spread — Tarotandthings

Looking after yourself is not selfish or self-indulgent ~ it is a necessity! In our busy day-to-day lives we might not always take the time to check in with our Self. So please, I would like you to make yourself a comforting hot drink in your favourite mug, get comfortable, and spend an hour or … Continue reading Self Care Spread — Tarotandthings