I will not be possessed The only spirit I want to house within me is my own. God sounds like a necromancer. . I’m broken and I need Nothing. I need no one. Or rather, I need too much. I hate that I need anything at all. If it takes forever, I’ll die trying to … Continue reading Ascete

Summarise, not plagiarise. Recognise, revitalise.

Inspire, or model, the way to be, like me, like me, like me, copy me like me. Copy me, initiate imitate, copy hollow clone. I repeat myself. I repost my posts. Guise, lies, mise, nise, pies, quise, rise, sighs, ties vise, wise, size, bise, cise, dies, eyes, fies, highs, kies Summa, soma, Sumer, summer. Pelagia, … Continue reading Summarise, not plagiarise. Recognise, revitalise.

18 visions of victims

This is what it feels like. With hands on the bible. Release up to the falling mother, failing the sky. You know what it feels like. To become the enemy. Everybody knows your name brings shame. That's why you are (me) unchanged, so the world can spin on without you (me). I love you … Continue reading 18 visions of victims

On the road again

I've been down here before,Trail was blazed long ago.Left my self to find me again.Hear my voice, it tells mewho I am and used to be.Reclaim the ghost holy free.Sund aughter sun My name rose me out of the sea.Rise up withstand face the againstI found my shadow bright as dayMorning star to lead the way.Left … Continue reading On the road again

I am and my way with words

I’m a teller of stories, I’m a singer of songs.An oracle of omens, a re-writer of wrongs.I’m an archetypal essence of both my ego and shadow.The oracle of Sydney shares her wisdom with the world.A wailing, blinding siren, I am the Spin Doctor. We are dumb and there are plenty of self-named experts who claim to … Continue reading I am and my way with words

Don’t forget her, promise.

The captive in the desert, tied in my mind. They never stop, they will never stop. Free her from your mind. Speaker, bespoke her. See? Pierce the vale, peers the veil. Pieces of peace, the poetry of meat can be found in the roiling of flesh. Soi the disant verus dicere veal. The swords are … Continue reading Don’t forget her, promise.

Paper doll with heart

Tripping on a hole in a paper heart I am, I am, I said I'm not myself. But I'm not dead, and I'm not for sale. I'm the kind of girl who likes to tell the world the way I feel about myself. What have I told you before? You cannot trust anyone. First … Continue reading Paper doll with heart

What will you do if it was your last day on earth?

get ready for the ends of the earth. Apparently there's a really quaint restaurant there. Feast, Faust. Eat, drink and be merry. Today is the 8th of October 2019. It is a Tuesday. it is 12:58pm. But as time goes on, it wont be that time for long. Look, it's 12:59 pm already. The … Continue reading What will you do if it was your last day on earth?