Blood pigs, boson higgs

You can save it with our con science. Can you recognise where to enter the reflex-andro-pastiche? The cypher is the key, mise Camenae told me. Western astrologyScorpio sun sign and stellium, descendant.Mercury the guiding planet. Venus the leading planet, both retrograde.Both were in the early morning stages of their retrograde cycles.Thus their archetypal figures, in … Continue reading Blood pigs, boson higgs

Inside my human design. 4/1 generator, gate 43.

I can be anything that you dream up for me. A punching bag, a plate of fish, a lecherous memory. But most of all, if you ask me, I just want to be free to be all and none of it. I just want you, to want to be with me. Up in the air … Continue reading Inside my human design. 4/1 generator, gate 43.