Revelation 10/22-20

So here I am. Agonising over my words, my choices, my message, my motivation, my reception... it is two fold. For it is not only the doing of a thing, it is also how it is perceived. I am at the doorway of fear and it pains me to be here. What am I so … Continue reading Revelation 10/22-20

Feedback on prophesy: has 2019 f’d u? Evaluate

I'm struggling to keep going. To find the will to share, to show, to demonstrate... for leading (& teaching) by example is how one becomes demonised... not just a word spoken unheard, but a visual-lusion overlayed the lens of your mind mapped temporal lobotomy. Rebranding is lame, and painstaking. I lose momentum and steam when … Continue reading Feedback on prophesy: has 2019 f’d u? Evaluate

Songbird signals the sleepers to seek

Well done. You dreamed a dream and in comes your remedy. I heard your cry when you fell down. You heard not my words though you watched the lips of my mouth. Look up when you're down, stand up for yourself. How many battles have we thought we had won? The messier it gets as … Continue reading Songbird signals the sleepers to seek

A short astrological profile.

Just wrote this up, it's not generated from a report writing program or anything. Had to figure out how much I was willing/able to write considering I write my stuff from scratch... And the amount of time I have available to me to meditate and write about these things. RT: Cancer sun, scorpio moon, leo … Continue reading A short astrological profile.

What do I have to offer to you?

10th May, 2019. Updated. Time is apparently tick-tock-kicking on my side, apparently. Or it's kicking my butt into gear to be prepared for... the end. Behold, me. Look, see, listen, hear; read my words.I quote myself. 1st February, 2019. The time is now 3:17am, but I took a photo when it was 3:16am, convinced it … Continue reading What do I have to offer to you?