How to be more like me, secretly.

I am a speedster, I am too fast for many around me. Not in body, but in spirit. So many of your lessons I have already completed. Shining stars and with masters honours. Ascension is easy, its the sustenance that is the problem. Just continue to read the reading I gave to myself. I upload … Continue reading How to be more like me, secretly.

2019 SKT forecast for the year

Prophetic prognosis for the year 2019. Hey guys, thanks for joining me here today. Now you can see that my head is covered with wings with a bunch of eyes. This is purely to help cement my purpose for this blog post - I AM GOING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE! *dun da da! sound effects* Do I look like someone who would life to you?

My Natal Chart

Something that I love about astrology is that it is a complete system of symbolism used to portray stuff. So here is my own natal chart with some basic interpretations. I'm keen to see what perhaps you may glean from my chart? This is a fun exercise on wibbly wobbles! So what you see there? … Continue reading My Natal Chart

If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot

According to Benebell Wen's Book of Maps (the accompanying guide to her Spirit Keepers Tarot deck), the fool card is keyed to represent the significator. There are 3 types of mystic fools to represent the type of query and/or the stage one is on their spiritual journey. THE TRAJECTORY OF MY SPIRIT You know how … Continue reading If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot