In the beginning, in the time before (this) time…

You may think this as a form of perpetual reincarnation. The emanations of many nations continue to radiate and permeate their shells and skins, but fail to see they're reflecting me. Close your eyes, count back from ten. Breathe slowly, calm your ken. Back in the day, I was named the holey spirit of Kontemplation. … Continue reading In the beginning, in the time before (this) time…

USB erg – uplink Archangelanth K

I am an enfp, the provocateur, the challenger of enneagram, a divergent learner, A tarot reader, an English teacher, a spinning flashing wailing siren (attention seeker). I am a way to the truth of your light. I’m the archangel of sunder, my flaming sword of summer. As subtle and as effective as a hot kiss … Continue reading USB erg – uplink Archangelanth K

Borderline personalities, disorderly factory.

Whose story is worthy of reading? Are you ready to decide which side of Libra's scale to cast your lots? The weight of a bleeding heart on the winds of scalar feathers. 1, 2, 3 for 5. All my 4's are structural. Dr. Kalliope Veign, PhD in spin doctoring. Snaketale salesgirl, she has a cure-all … Continue reading Borderline personalities, disorderly factory.

Zero to Nemo (part two)

Defining the purpose of my blog, and general online presence. Do you even want to be here? Of course, I do. Then what’s the problem?               I am. I am sick of the same holes I chase my tails around and again, carving circles into the floor with my incessant pacing and muttering and argh … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part two)

Zero to Nemo (part one)

Thank you. Your words and your friendship has given me the wherewithal to go ahead and publish this particular wordy ramble I have had stored away in my digital documents. This will be the first of 4 parts, the rest I will schedule for each to be published after 24 hours has passed. Giant stepping … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part one)