Mystery Blogger award nomination

Quotient of Qualia was nominated for this award by Lander 7. Did somebody relate a mystery?! Khambalia is pressed to remember the praxis of the demystagogue path. Perceive, protect, perpetuate and practice the exercises of mystery-mastery through the creatrix. My Qualia blog was nominated by Lander7 for the mystery blogger award. Which is funny as … Continue reading Mystery Blogger award nomination

Question of the Day – No. 168 — Pointless Overthinking

Based on what you’re doing now on a daily basis, where do you see yourself in 20 years? via Question of the Day – No. 168 — Pointless Overthinking I love this website because they ask questions that only need to be answered within the context you attest to it. You can share some light of … Continue reading Question of the Day – No. 168 — Pointless Overthinking

Songstryx Through Glass

It is the 28th of September 2019. Happiest of musical memories to you one and all. Oh boy, there are so many songs I want to sing, if only I could sing. Or felt like ... any invitation wasn't just some placated response to my fishing. Music speaks to me, and with my head like … Continue reading Songstryx Through Glass

The soul journeys to seek identity

This was written with the intent to explore my astrological birth chart, and follow the various markers left behind in each sign by the 'divine' (the planetary bodies, luminaries, fixed stars, asteroids, etc). As such, this would essentially be the first installment of a series of twelve. I wrote this approximately one year ago and … Continue reading The soul journeys to seek identity