There is no end

Lecture" Everything just continues to exist, forever and ever. It is unrelenting, it is unforgiving, it is unyielding. Time and space and consciousness... Holy fuck, will it never cease? Oh yeah, it's all so liberating, whatever blah blah... People seem to feel empowered by the vast eternity, the inunerable possibilities that life grants them... Well … Continue reading There is no end

Tarot reading – New moon in Aries

Spread: new moon in aries, by biddy tarot.Deck used: the antique anatomy deck, by claire goodchild.Cards drawn: 24 March 2020 evening (hours before new moon)Interpretation written: 25 March 2020 morning (hours after new moon) - I just woke up. I've been using the antique anatomy deck lately.  We are in the midst of the corona … Continue reading Tarot reading – New moon in Aries

Curtains fall before us all

Return of some words I soul-screamed into being. Society. We are like this because I am like this. I am the wrong in the world. So I say my goodbyes and leave the mess for the rest of you to clean up. As the denouement in the theatre of my life, I would like to … Continue reading Curtains fall before us all

thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK

Every CULT have their rules of laws. Here are mine. Last year (2018) I had my own cult of personality lovingly referred to as my cok. COK - CULT OF KIM. Talking with my soular shadow's reflection, it's fun seeing where our soulprints line up in each other's lives. She embodies the light of the … Continue reading thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK

Inside my human design, part 2.

My human design is pretty special, to me anyway. Click here for my first post on this topic. This is my second post (and I keep second guessing myself, as if anyone cares or as if it matters to anyone at all. After all this blog is for me to express what I want, if … Continue reading Inside my human design, part 2.

Paper doll with heart

Tripping on a hole in a paper heart I am, I am, I said I'm not myself. But I'm not dead, and I'm not for sale. I'm the kind of girl who likes to tell the world the way I feel about myself. What have I told you before? You cannot trust anyone. First … Continue reading Paper doll with heart

Kimtos, the listmaker. Press refresh on my memory.

7 books I have written down in my journal Book of names – people, meaning of names, letters, my associations.Book of numbers – numerology.Book of time – timeline of events, chronological or chronicle. Book of symbols – semiotics, sigils, signs, signifiers, signatures.Book of cards – tarot symbolism, interpretation, meanings. A harmonization of the above. Personal … Continue reading Kimtos, the listmaker. Press refresh on my memory.

Kynthia grumbles, humbling Starkey.

Let me pace and wear aware the ground at my feet. Trenches for rivers, or banks for wars. Don't look, don't listen, no one is paying attention. Keep your eyes down, wring those hands, not your neck. Continue to mutter under your breath, perpetuate the visage of the insane to keep you safe. Try to … Continue reading Kynthia grumbles, humbling Starkey.

Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a sprite surprise. If you go down to the river to pray, the answer to an undisclosed notion will spirit you away. For every Pegasus or Alicorn knows that the alkimyst gets whatever she wants. The holy ghosts are going to have a cavalcade. … Continue reading Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden