There is no end

Lecture" Everything just continues to exist, forever and ever. It is unrelenting, it is unforgiving, it is unyielding. Time and space and consciousness... Holy fuck, will it never cease? Oh yeah, it's all so liberating, whatever blah blah... People seem to feel empowered by the vast eternity, the inunerable possibilities that life grants them... Well … Continue reading There is no end


I will not be possessed The only spirit I want to house within me is my own. God sounds like a necromancer. . I’m broken and I need Nothing. I need no one. Or rather, I need too much. I hate that I need anything at all. If it takes forever, I’ll die trying to … Continue reading Ascete

The girl that never grew up.

I grew up in the real world. I certainly am not an adolescent teen strung out on hormones, searching for acceptance from faceless, spineless people who are merely here due to circumstantial convenience rather than actually wanting to be friends with me. I matured physically and intellectually because it was an inevitability, it is the … Continue reading The girl that never grew up.

Mastery – freedom and slavery; & of/for…?

It started out with trying to find a way to express my thoughts about the paradoxical relationship between freedom and slavery. I do not know what is better, or where I would prefer to be in this whole existence matrix... I do not know... But, like every seeder, I will leave here for you the … Continue reading Mastery – freedom and slavery; & of/for…?

Capricorn and Scorpio are the keys to traversing the 2020 shift

You’re not powerful when you get your way, but when you can handle what comes your way. That’s Scorpio’s lesson.Of course, there are circumstances when you want to go for it, to achieve your goal, there are times when your strength will lie in the relentless pursuit of your goal. But that’s Capricorn’s lesson, not Scorpio’s. With … Continue reading Capricorn and Scorpio are the keys to traversing the 2020 shift

Brian come back with the krakrn

Because im a scared little chicken (rooster, #cok, my minute pillar, i sang a tune as the sun was rising and shit... peter felt guilty about his... reputation..? Or was it his conscience...? I dont remember) (Can i just cock up this song and save us both the embarassment of my long winded introductions?) While … Continue reading Brian come back with the krakrn

A whore of love – WWBD

I like to live for lust and love. (Lick and kiss and suck and fuck). A whore for love. A hora, hanging by dangling. Ahura mazda goes tsimtzum. MX-5. Miata, chiasma. 8 10 19 WWBD is so complicated. Or rather, it’s the most simplest thing. I tend to just make everything more complicated than it … Continue reading A whore of love – WWBD

Kimtos, the listmaker. Press refresh on my memory.

7 books I have written down in my journal Book of names – people, meaning of names, letters, my associations.Book of numbers – numerology.Book of time – timeline of events, chronological or chronicle. Book of symbols – semiotics, sigils, signs, signifiers, signatures.Book of cards – tarot symbolism, interpretation, meanings. A harmonization of the above. Personal … Continue reading Kimtos, the listmaker. Press refresh on my memory.

New Moon Libra-te neu-men enslaved.

Astro Butterfly talks about this month's new moon in Libra (which is tomorrow). I am going to talk about myself, in relation to the points she brings up in her post. Archeon Alkimyst, archetypal alkahest, astrological archivist, A-team LARPG investigation head de-monster-ation Libra, seeking answers outside of themselfChiron, the wounded healer of reconciliation.Aries, the self … Continue reading New Moon Libra-te neu-men enslaved.

Commerce of value; a wordy exchange rate

15 January 2019, 1:01pm; whats the difference between $US1 AND $AUS1? The exchange rate friggen kills it; the currency exchange makes it super hard to tell how far you can make $1 or $5 stretch across your budget. To me? $5 in Australia doesn’t get you much at all. Like… Storm. I sent him $5 … Continue reading Commerce of value; a wordy exchange rate