I will not be possessed The only spirit I want to house within me is my own. God sounds like a necromancer. . I’m broken and I need Nothing. I need no one. Or rather, I need too much. I hate that I need anything at all. If it takes forever, I’ll die trying to … Continue reading Ascete

More than the sum of my parts

I have been so bloody preoccupied with this concept of personal branding and identifying my "niche" that I haven't actually done much writing. And the shit I want to write about is so varied that it's hard to figure out how to promote and present myself. You know, for 'success'. It's not even related to … Continue reading More than the sum of my parts

Chiron and healing the soul wound: making excuses.

Chiron was a respected teacher and skilled healer, and was known as the wisest and most just of all the centaurs. What a stand out guy and I'm sure we can learn a bunch of stuff but let's just get to the part where I give the f*-k up on life and swap places with … Continue reading Chiron and healing the soul wound: making excuses.

18 visions of victims

This is what it feels like. With hands on the bible. Release up to the falling mother, failing the sky. You know what it feels like. To become the enemy. Everybody knows your name brings shame. That's why you are (me) unchanged, so the world can spin on without you (me). I love you … Continue reading 18 visions of victims

A narrative of a force without form

Welcome to magic counter strike. If you would please sit back, keep your hands and ears behind the yellow line, expect splash-back. Kittie - Paperdoll Got a real treat for you today. Are you ready to fist? I can't hear you. I said ARE YOU READY TO FIST?! Oh... oh god know... no! Fisting. … Continue reading A narrative of a force without form

Twin flames transform Souls

What a curious thing to consider the soul, this invisible thing “inside” of us that supposedly makes us human. We can have such distorted views of ourselves and our interrelationships with others can be quite complicated. It can seem preposterous that with 7 billion people in the world there would be only 1 other soul that is our ‘mate’. … Continue reading Twin flames transform Souls

Zero to Nemo (part four)

Conflicted intentions (July 31, 2019) When I first came here, my intention was entirely self-centred as I was merely after a place to vent my mental gas-bag. I was just talking crap out into the blogosphere, not thinking that anything I said would garner attention. As soon as I noticed people notice me, I started … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part four)