Lets do another timewarp, my friend.

Once upon a time in a mind that was dark and weary, there lived a little girl who lived all alone. She was alive, or so she thought she was. She couldn't tell if she was haunted by ghosts of her memories, or if she was one... who was the ghost in a shell... the … Continue reading Lets do another timewarp, my friend.

Stars lie, you cannot trust the sky lights

appearances playback in reverse sequence. the words I wrote first are behind you, at the end. this sky reflection in my introduction was written last and is featured first. the title of the next heading is the newest addition to the lines that it heads. See time is a fucker, and we end up confusing … Continue reading Stars lie, you cannot trust the sky lights

Perseu-Spring Aequanox

The Empress is coming. The cards keep reminding me of what is on its way, overseeing the energetic shift... jui tian xuan nu. Bless you. VI-PSA flawed (ma/lady of) letters Your god is a noxious thought who drains your essence that's good. You think you know what it means to be saved? I laugh at … Continue reading Perseu-Spring Aequanox

PSA: Angel of Death and the Maiden

PEW-PEW ∝‡≡≡››- - - (Psychic Empathic Wisdom from Pictures & Energy & Words) Of course you want your tarot read by me. I'm shooting lasers. It's ancient wisdom delivered in a futuristic (contemporary) way. Card #28 Death and the Maiden: invasion, boundaries violated, dominance. I know it looks totally bad when you first look at … Continue reading PSA: Angel of Death and the Maiden

The fall of Adam

my evening star marks the beginning of my transformation… the return of venus and mercury to combine their thrones of power again And how many coincidences must occur before the classification changes? From conjecture to confirmation… a meaningful manifestation… ℘ Evening star descends the horizon. Awakens 40 days later. Reborn as the morning star. Morning star … Continue reading The fall of Adam