High school dropout, gets married at 19.

How's that for some sensationalism? This is an excerpt from my old livejournal. I wrote it in 2008, I was 22. for years, since 2000, my online name has been Alita Lane (as you know). now it's no longer a pseudonym! my surname (by marriage) now is actually Lane. i met Jain in 2005, so … Continue reading High school dropout, gets married at 19.

Profane to arcane, Diablo and divine

He is god. A god. To me. He is god to me. Like god. So he’s basically my god. And noooooo. He has not brainwashed me in any way. Certainly not. I want that to be made clear. We’ve been married for… this year we will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on November 11. … Continue reading Profane to arcane, Diablo and divine

The anchor to which my spirit is bound

I don’t mind talking about me. Shucks, that is why I started a blog, so I could TALK ABOUT THE MEMEMEME ME! *bows to applause* And this is really the only place where I can expose my inner chaos. I am so open about myself here because no person, place or thing can handle my … Continue reading The anchor to which my spirit is bound

Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Frantic and frightened, I’m drowning inside of myself. Again I berate myself with “what have you done?!” I do things that are both necessary and benign and yet punish myself for doing those things as if they were wrong. I oscillate between oversharing and underpinning. I love and loathe this plane of existence. It is … Continue reading Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Life’s a game. Wanna play?

Cue soundtrack. Grab a friend or a brush. And lets (re)make some memories. https://youtu.be/e-ORhEE9VVg Aim: get from the start to the finish. How to play: begin in the centre. Roll 1 die and move that many spaces. Read contents of corresponding space. Continue. Cinderella: Life Sux! Pencil on paper, edited lighting of image to (hopefully) … Continue reading Life’s a game. Wanna play?

Calling out “experts” on their bullshit.

Ok. I'm going to stop you right there. This post is just about 1875 words long. Just so you know... Oh Hector, you're a cocky little cunt, aren't you? You're lucky I'm not a violent person. I only lash out like so when I'm pushed to the limit of my patience, or if I'm bored … Continue reading Calling out “experts” on their bullshit.

The visible versions of me

Again, the difficulty with being a finite person in a definitive form. People get so caught up in the aesthetic visual representation of some thing, they are often narrow-minded to think that the physical vision upon which their literal eyes see is all they need to know about that thing. Which is fine. Everybody does … Continue reading The visible versions of me

Summarise, not plagiarise. Recognise, revitalise.

Inspire, or model, the way to be, like me, like me, like me, copy me like me. Copy me, initiate imitate, copy hollow clone. I repeat myself. I repost my posts. Guise, lies, mise, nise, pies, quise, rise, sighs, ties vise, wise, size, bise, cise, dies, eyes, fies, highs, kies Summa, soma, Sumer, summer. Pelagia, … Continue reading Summarise, not plagiarise. Recognise, revitalise.

I found myself and why it was so hard

I am everything. I am in everything. Everything is of me. And if I am so far spread across all of existence within the context of space and time… then I’m really not any thing. I have no substance. I am nothing. I am hollow. An ever expanding universe that cannot stop until I succumb … Continue reading I found myself and why it was so hard

God is a girl, and she’s a time lord.

This technological age is the perfect environment in which to demonstrate... Remember today's date (the 5th of April, one day after the celestial 444 special), know where we are. The past will come rushing forwards and soon bowl us over. To not be washed away, erect a strong pillar to cling. Oh hey, Ling-Ling! What's … Continue reading God is a girl, and she’s a time lord.