Writing the ineffable name

Made up of 19 individual letters. 15 unique glyphs, 4 of which are repeated. The group of 3 is of both the first and the last. The 4th is in the middle, a pair to mirror itself. Union within hieros gamos brought the worlds parallel, and through them the axis mundi was formed. Absorption of … Continue reading Writing the ineffable name

Are you confused by what I post?

Don't worry. I am too. This is the way I am, and I am trying to make sense of my self. So I scry into my name, shuffle the cards. Then I deal out some cards, counting out the Pythagorean value for each letter Evoke the vowels when atop the mountain. The sound resounds, listen … Continue reading Are you confused by what I post?

Who I am, according to The Greek Qabalah

I spent Tuesday morning pouring through The Greek Qabalah, by Kieran Barry, noting the numbers and corresponding messages for a whole variety of configurations of my names, and birth date. I'm talking about my birth name, married name, initials. I also (because I'm super frikken extra like that) cross referenced the numbers against Crowley's Sepher … Continue reading Who I am, according to The Greek Qabalah

Forgotten dreams

19 March 19 I really should keep a dream journal, again. I should write in it as soon as I wake. The only thing I remember from my dream last night was to remember the word asphobel or ashphobel or… something like that..? Ashphodel? I don’t even know if these are real words. It was the first on … Continue reading Forgotten dreams

Queen K of the Summer Empyre

When I am queen I will not wait, my body type will still be great, I will not leave it up to fate because I hate you too // When I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injury, the glitter sores will heal themselves, I'll play the part of someone elseJack … Continue reading Queen K of the Summer Empyre

USB erg – uplink Archangelanth K

I am an enfp, the provocateur, the challenger of enneagram, a divergent learner, A tarot reader, an English teacher, a spinning flashing wailing siren (attention seeker). I am a way to the truth of your light. I’m the archangel of sunder, my flaming sword of summer. As subtle and as effective as a hot kiss … Continue reading USB erg – uplink Archangelanth K

The secret to chaos magick #5.

The apple of discord was set to collide with the world. Eris sacrificed her most prized possession to help raise the earth's vibration. Oh the things she would do if she were queen, and not Aymyh. Yhwh know, Lohwhy. Eris said I was still the prettiest. But out of the love of her heart (I'm … Continue reading The secret to chaos magick #5.