A ponty tool by the reflection pool

It might be better for you all if you don't understand me. My problem? I only ever wanted to be understood... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehq2a8lum_4 2008? The year I started university. The year my daughter was born. I went into labour noon 4th July (Australian Eastern Standard Time). She was born 5th July, at 3:53am. She is wonderful. … Continue reading A ponty tool by the reflection pool

God is a girl, and she’s a time lord.

This technological age is the perfect environment in which to demonstrate... Remember today's date (the 5th of April, one day after the celestial 444 special), know where we are. The past will come rushing forwards and soon bowl us over. To not be washed away, erect a strong pillar to cling. Oh hey, Ling-Ling! What's … Continue reading God is a girl, and she’s a time lord.

Who’s f***ing with you?

https://youtu.be/_WRhbnN2ckY I don't normally listen to this music, but the song title says it all. Manipulation. That's the theme of this post - the messed up, mental menagerie motif I'm attempting to manifest in still coherent and meaningful way. I am a master of mind fuckery, and mutating metaphors into mental night whorses NEIGH MOTHER … Continue reading Who’s f***ing with you?