The anchor to which my spirit is bound

I don’t mind talking about me. Shucks, that is why I started a blog, so I could TALK ABOUT THE MEMEMEME ME! *bows to applause* And this is really the only place where I can expose my inner chaos. I am so open about myself here because no person, place or thing can handle my … Continue reading The anchor to which my spirit is bound

Twin flames transform Souls

What a curious thing to consider the soul, this invisible thing “inside” of us that supposedly makes us human. We can have such distorted views of ourselves and our interrelationships with others can be quite complicated. It can seem preposterous that with 7 billion people in the world there would be only 1 other soul that is our ‘mate’. … Continue reading Twin flames transform Souls

Twin flames powers – activate!

Grant me sight beyond sight, words of wisdom divine. What lesson can this teacher bestow before the world? Everyone was kung fu fighting - Hi-jah! Twin flames. Love and Hate, they break their (on-again, off-again) war with each other to face the common enemy – Fear.Twin faces. Joy and Sadness, they fight Apathy. Twin directions. … Continue reading Twin flames powers – activate!