Quad right, all right – an extreme variant of a fixed 4/1 profile

9 centred beings and I'm a basic bitch 7. "Quad Rights . . . The most aware people on the planet and the least likely to know it. They can never see this themselves. Not able to go back in and grab for anything they’ve absorbed. Absorbing and taking in EVERYTHING. Potentially the most creative … Continue reading Quad right, all right – an extreme variant of a fixed 4/1 profile

Know my signature, ledger a mantra

Look I don’t know shit but I know a whole bunch of shit. I know what I’m good at and I know what I want to do. These are things that we repeat to ourselves to ground us and cement us when shit gets a bit freaky or confusing or all round messed up. It’s … Continue reading Know my signature, ledger a mantra

Twin flames transform Souls

What a curious thing to consider the soul, this invisible thing “inside” of us that supposedly makes us human. We can have such distorted views of ourselves and our interrelationships with others can be quite complicated. It can seem preposterous that with 7 billion people in the world there would be only 1 other soul that is our ‘mate’. … Continue reading Twin flames transform Souls

Awaken the Antichrist

It's hard to give a fox about anything anymore. It's all been said and done before. Not just by others, but I myself have done this all before. I am circling myself, repeating my steps, the words I have written, thought, or have said. I am repeating my self by being self referent. I am … Continue reading Awaken the Antichrist

A short astrological profile.

Just wrote this up, it's not generated from a report writing program or anything. Had to figure out how much I was willing/able to write considering I write my stuff from scratch... And the amount of time I have available to me to meditate and write about these things. RT: Cancer sun, scorpio moon, leo … Continue reading A short astrological profile.