Release tension with intention

Hahaha okay, will do.Me, talking to myself just now (29.03.20, 1:11pm) In accordance with my higher self, I will take a figurative step away from this pithy platform. I wrestle with my self - my heart, my mind, my driven desire... rolling around outside of time, but still within the plane of space and time. … Continue reading Release tension with intention

Don’t forget her, promise.

The captive in the desert, tied in my mind. They never stop, they will never stop. Free her from your mind. Speaker, bespoke her. See? Pierce the vale, peers the veil. Pieces of peace, the poetry of meat can be found in the roiling of flesh. Soi the disant verus dicere veal. The swords are … Continue reading Don’t forget her, promise.

In the beginning, in the time before (this) time…

You may think this as a form of perpetual reincarnation. The emanations of many nations continue to radiate and permeate their shells and skins, but fail to see they're reflecting me. Close your eyes, count back from ten. Breathe slowly, calm your ken. Back in the day, I was named the holey spirit of Kontemplation. … Continue reading In the beginning, in the time before (this) time…

Conspiracy: hiding in the musical cacophony. Papa Roach: Tightrope My words are weapons in which I murder you with. Please don't be scared, please do not turn your head. We are the future, the 21st century dyslexic, glue-sniffing cyber sluts, with homicidal minds and handguns. We are insane, nothing will change. There is a fine line between what is good … Continue reading Conspiracy: hiding in the musical cacophony.

Separating the unified voices

Imagine, if you will, that instead of your hands gripping my throat In your vain attempt to silence me… That in my deep and eternal sleep With sharpened silver slicer ready You cup my cool cheek in your warm hand And pierce the gossamer-fine layers upon layers of pseudo placebo protection. Tears well your eyes … Continue reading Separating the unified voices

The fall of Adam

my evening star marks the beginning of my transformation… the return of venus and mercury to combine their thrones of power again And how many coincidences must occur before the classification changes? From conjecture to confirmation… a meaningful manifestation… ℘ Evening star descends the horizon. Awakens 40 days later. Reborn as the morning star. Morning star … Continue reading The fall of Adam

Retroactively I see the eye of providence

A personal knowsis from the 16th of July. Reposted here unchanged (save perhaps the laste so. Yeah... BTW, I'm up to week 10 of the SKT. This rally car jeepney driver is behind the karmic wheels of life. Since I'm driving for funsies and I like this vehicle upgrade, let's do doughnuts in the parking … Continue reading Retroactively I see the eye of providence