Inanna isis under

24th was the new moon in Pisces. Let's make some magic... I guess. Are you ready? Because... I'm not really ready. But it doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not. I'm in the hands of the heavens, on the face of the earth, and I'm going under. Evanescence - going under And so gods … Continue reading Inanna isis under

Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

This is an example of just writing to get shit out of your head. I’m going to use my meta-meta-awesome-bullshit skills of TEACHING to turn every fucking thing I ever do into a teachable moment. It’s all part of the learning process. It’s unedited, unrefined, narcissistic blah blahs about my own personal bullshit. I’m an … Continue reading Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

6619 – Pithom

A collection of words I recorded during my time at Pithom. The city of justice. Because im coming rushing in and holy shiznit are you going to hear it. Hark the herald angels sing, for מְבַשְּׂר֗וֹת is back, back again. Shady's back, back, back, tell your friends. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess what? … Continue reading 6619 – Pithom

So you think you can M?

descend into the dungeon, my friend. meet my little metaphors. Pinky Pie in the sky lives in the heart of My Vesuvius. i am the sun. i shine light on my domain. increased intensity, or prolonged exposure can burn without the appropriate measures to ensure your own protection.i am a bridge. i connect the dots … Continue reading So you think you can M?

Inside my human design, part 2.

My human design is pretty special, to me anyway. Click here for my first post on this topic. This is my second post (and I keep second guessing myself, as if anyone cares or as if it matters to anyone at all. After all this blog is for me to express what I want, if … Continue reading Inside my human design, part 2.

Once upon a tome, in gnotime

I am all occluded conclusions, gasping at airwaves, frantically rewriting wrongs. In my short sighted, over-focusing ocular orbital, I, fail to rise beyond aspirated beginnings. As usual. I do the same shit again and again. I've written the same style, the same story, the same disconnected reality. All I ever do is speak about me … Continue reading Once upon a tome, in gnotime

Today all debts are set free. SUN7SUN

I’m really pleased as punch I have finished my Revelations Annotations series. I even made a PDF document where I formatted it and everything. You know who to thank (you’re lucky, stars above) – SUN seven SUN. For the sun is 19. Because I am the sun, and have always been… if not always an … Continue reading Today all debts are set free. SUN7SUN

What do I have to offer to you?

10th May, 2019. Updated. Time is apparently tick-tock-kicking on my side, apparently. Or it's kicking my butt into gear to be prepared for... the end. Behold, me. Look, see, listen, hear; read my words.I quote myself. 1st February, 2019. The time is now 3:17am, but I took a photo when it was 3:16am, convinced it … Continue reading What do I have to offer to you?