To the wanderer: what do you seek?

I wonder about those wanderers, the seekers who seem to aimlessly roam. Disconnected from themselves, unable to recognise something to do with home. How will you know? What signs will you recognise? If you found it, then what? Do you just stop, and plant root wherever you are? What about habits, your tendencies, the behaviour … Continue reading To the wanderer: what do you seek?

Revelation Annotations 07

Chapter 8 – The 7th seal and 4/7 trumpets Really, isn’t this the part that we’ve all been waiting for? The broken seals from too much drinking and the waters were finally able to be released during intermission! So, we are back in black and now we’re ready to dance. It’s the musical interlude! Shit … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 07

Revelation Annotations 06 – intermission

Chapter 7 – Intermission for part one of this trilogy of trials and tribulations. Take a bathroom break as the chorus change their costumes and ready themselves for the apocalypse spectacular! After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 06 – intermission

Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

I looked to the sky and wondered the name of the star that was right before my eyes. When I learned it was Spica, I knew my current namesake was near. And holy shit, well whaddya know? I'm too dim to observe, obscured by the lunar glow. All aboard my thought-train Round and round my … Continue reading Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

A quick overview of recurrent themes, symbols and motifs in my recent studies and writing. You know, since doors and gates and paths get all entangled, it helps to have some signs or reminders so we can trace our steps. retrograde rebels of my natal chartChiron retrograde in geminimercury retrograde, ruler of Gemini, in the … Continue reading The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

Herald of the Emerald Hearts

(the emerald tablets? isn't this already well known? I left these here so long ago, assumed they'd be basic understanding in society. the tablets are pills to swallow, kinda dry, but must still be learned. just copy from the board into your books, yourself...) ugh. This is how you remind me of what I really … Continue reading Herald of the Emerald Hearts

6619 – Pithom

A collection of words I recorded during my time at Pithom. The city of justice. Because im coming rushing in and holy shiznit are you going to hear it. Hark the herald angels sing, for מְבַשְּׂר֗וֹת is back, back again. Shady's back, back, back, tell your friends. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess what? … Continue reading 6619 – Pithom