Welcome to the (k)new age

I've made my astrological chart into a mini book, folded from 1 piece of paper. Open it up and it becomes 4 worlds, or rather the 4 corners become the 4 quadrants. The cube-like photo (bottom center) in the above collage is just 4 "books" held together with 4 paper clips. Don't like the story … Continue reading Welcome to the (k)new age

Metaphors are vessels, carriers of meaning

Now I am talking about metaphors, metaphorically. LOL or rather I mean FIGURATIVELY. It is not a literal, physical container, but instead metaphors are symbolic vessels which carry meaning. Metaphors REPRESENT concepts, or ideas, or feelings, or something! It is the captured essence that is communicated by the expression, with the intention of it to … Continue reading Metaphors are vessels, carriers of meaning

Don’t forget her, promise.

The captive in the desert, tied in my mind. They never stop, they will never stop. Free her from your mind. Speaker, bespoke her. See? Pierce the vale, peers the veil. Pieces of peace, the poetry of meat can be found in the roiling of flesh. Soi the disant verus dicere veal. The swords are … Continue reading Don’t forget her, promise.

What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

I am obsessed with names. They often precede oneself as such with recognition and reputations. Names are nouns, identifiers for people, places and things. I am a person, I am a place, I am a thing. I am all 3 of these in one unified whole. But I am also none of these things, for … Continue reading What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

The Great Awakening

When one thing a-wakens, another thing dies (funeral wake, in the wake of) Are you woke yet? Burroughs writes “The Great Awakening arose from the horror of a dead soulless universe. All the old answers have failed: the Church, the State. All the hundreds of cults with their answers, all seen as lies in the … Continue reading The Great Awakening